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It is track 10 from the album Jennifer Rush '92 that was released in The duration of this song is Though we'll never live...

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MysteryVibe This song is by Saraya and appears on the movie soundtrack Shocker LONDON GOTH SCENE DATING

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Saraya Lyrics

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The duration of this song is This song is by Saraya and appears on the movie soundtrack Shocker Retrieved from " http: Sign In Don't have an account? Though we'll never live this moment again The clock is ticking away in vain Time itself has chased us down But we've tricked it at it's own game Nothing to keep me from you I don't have to see you every day Only fools put chains on love And if I had to live life through Alone and without you It wouldn't change a thing Timeless love, ageless us There's no end, always was A timeless love, heaven born Ancient vows, never to be torn There's no tomorrow in my heart Only dreamers believe in time So let's have no regrets behind I'll give it all when I'm with you Timeless love, ageless us There's no end, always was A timeless love, heaven born Ancient vows, never to be torn There's no sadness when you see my eyes There's no distance when I let you go Cause I know a timeless love Timeless love On this rock take me now And make a lovebird Of the coo-coo in the clock Report lyrics.

Timeless love lyrics


Kate Havnevik - Timeless (Lyrics) - Fuckbook Hook Ups

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Timeless love lyrics

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VERSE 1 Kidi N Adina Kidi: If i could walk to the stars. I would bring in more to you. Doesn't matter how far. If it's for you. I will...