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Pray for the release and safe return of U. And pray for the thousands of prisoners enduring horrific conditions for their faith. Read them and leave your prayer here:...

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Piledriver (sex position) The recent political struggle over gender-violence law in Nicaragua is a microcosm of these...
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Vipur never saw him coming. Give God control of your family today and always. Gender and patrimonial authoritarianism in Nicaragua. In the lead-up to the election, even the Episcopal Conference criticized Ortega for his moves to create a one-party state [Mendieta, ]. Read his story and pray with your brothers and sisters in Pakistan today.

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  1. In Vietnam, any American GI could request circumcision at any time, without giving a reason. But he was allowed only 10 days convalescence!

  2. I know there are some horror stories out there but then get a proper doctor to perform such an operation.

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