Left handed sexuality - Handedness and sexual orientation

Lefties suffer the indignities of using desks, scissors and baseball gloves that are specially constructed for people with a completely different dominant side. Science has traced our predisposition to right-handedness...

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The hardships of lefties are ones that people of both hand preferences are aware of. To the righties of the crowd, it seems like at best another unfounded reason conducive to their left-handed counterparts to complain.

There is some good news for those who prefer the south paw; a recent meditate on by Lelo found that left-handed individuals are 71 percent more satisfied with their sex lives than righties. The survey twisted 10, lefties, 86 percent of which described their feelings toward their coitus life as "extremely satisfied," where just 15 percent of righties commented the same. There are bounteous theories on why lefties may have more fulfilment in the bedroom.

Song particularly interesting one is built on the speculation that left-handed people are exposed to higher levels of testosterone in the womb. This may tale for the fact that men are twice as likely to be maladroit than women.

If the increased testosterone theory is true, this may clarify lefties' higher level of satisfaction being due to more aggressiveness in the bedroom. Therefore, they may be more likely to achieve personal satisfaction. One time again it is great to know that these are just theories and have not been utterly validated by facts The vibrator claims to give right-handed users the same sexual satisfaction that lefties experience.

It can also be used in a non-sexual setting as a way to further both memory retention and formation.

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Left handed sexuality

According to Fincher, "the left-hander's lot must have taken a quantum leap for the worse with the Industrial Revolution. While arguing about an opinion or idea is encouraged, personal attacks will not be tolerated. Left handed graphic via Bigstock. Like other lefties, I have had to deal with the complexities of being left-handed in a right-handed world, and learn to manage tools and machinery that were built for righties.

There is a danger in taking the left-gay analogy too far. The commonly-quoted notion that men are twice as likely to be left-handed than women is demonstrably false and of unknown provenance.

Various possible reasons and explanations have been put forward for the discrepancy between men and women, including testosterone levels see the section on Biological Theories of Handedness , the Fighting Hypothesis see the section on Handedness and Combat , etc, but no convincing cause has been found. A subsequent study by Blanchard found that both right-handed homosexual men and left-handed heterosexual men had a statistically significant number of older male siblings, but that there was no significant observable effect for right-handed heterosexual men or for left-handed homosexual men.

Entertainment , Living Tags: There is a danger in taking the left-gay analogy too far. The ancient Celts saw the left-hand side as female and sacred and linked to the Moon. A relationship between handedness and sexual orientation has been suggested by a number of researchers, who report that heterosexual individuals are somewhat more likely to be right-handed than are homosexual individuals.

A relationship between handedness and sexual orientation has been suggested by a number of researchers, who report that heterosexual individuals are somewhat more likely to be right-handed than are homosexual individuals.
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  • A relationship between handedness and sexual orientation has been suggested...
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  • The desks in grade school, the notebooks, the penmanship lessons. For those...
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Left handed sexuality

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A new survey says left handed people are geniuses in the bedroom. a left- handers' state of mind,” leading, I guess, to imminent sexual bliss. A study of men in Ontario, Canada...