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Can You Imagine No Dating Baggage?

Hookup troll Daniyar: I am (Guj)indian.my self Prem any girl who want to tympass enjoy with me Date with me .Fully satisfaction unbeleveble enjoyment Heart broken girls well came first only girls who looking for Date with honest Guy WA +917490894879

Ching Yau: Wtf the french was BARELY french. I didn't understand a word.

Zeph Yu: Why so PC? have them naked.

Tacho_Nacho: Yay! I fool you again lmaoooo she was so happy xDD

Beatlemania: French hands down. Yum.

Nij Jin: Seriously need to do Portuguese, Brazilians are so much different then us!

MistaSmith: Man im glad im bilingual, worth double

IN-COSTANZA: Now thats what i need in my life!

Mathia Porrus: This explains why I feel that I don't belong in my country. I matured early, like planning every day of my life, hate people talking loud, hate soccer and I may be temperamental at times but only if there is good reason

Janis Lauva: I LIKE HIM!

Enki Danki: I need a Russian woman.

Camila Vinco: The first video with a black woman. I guess it's only Nigerians dating them. Sigh

MrTruetoform: I'm Italian i can assure you. girls definitely are kinda like that? i mean you got it close enough? if you are not Italian just don't cook Italian food for an Italian girl or guy whatever JUST DON'T.

Pandya Udr: This is Scandinavian women in a nutshell. But I would also add that they are also kind of demanding and often expects extra effort in every way. They will look for something better if you don't manage to snag them quickly.

Derek Hackert: Not surprised that in every episode where women are opinionated or independent, the comments are negative.

Missxchief: Make Hungarian and Polish for both sexes. :)

Just Users: That russian Til Schweiger tho

TidyDarts: Then my husband will be hungry Haha

Sofia Krapf: Gosh that tagalog dialogue is so cringy

Tim White: Interesting video anyways :)

KimmyL1977: Except the Canadian.

NulJern: Are really nice and warm people

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  1. I completely agree with your take on gender roles, and the patriarchy, and matriarchy's perpetuation of them.

  2. Please like this so this comment so we can show this chick and others how stupid they sound.

  3. Apologize to Sam paper for ruining is life. Or fucking kill yourself. Pick one.

  4. So you just decided that Toby Turner is a rapist, no investigation, no interviews or anything?

  5. Maybe we should know more about Laci Green 's ethno-cultural background and whom she's been working with.

  6. But what guy who's only been with one or two girls is gonna want to marry a girl who's slept with 10 guys ?

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Hookup troll

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A cross between troll and catfish. to think they're going to meet for a hookup and has them drive to meet them only...