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A short typical Girl follows Boy set in a Typical Japanese high school. Follow Sachika as she attempts to get her feelings...

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Focus Man: Are you telling me Dutch men are cheap, autistic, and rural? Well I guess I don't want to date one!

Max Sch: Hi there :)

Ben Jesson: I'm from Oxford so i'm quite sure it's the accent they all know and love ;)

Zeusncold: That minute when you see nothing but AP

RTHA300: My mom is romanian and she does this stuff all the time XD i approve 1%%%

Mia Nielsen: I hooked up with a Finnish chick. It was just like dating a guy in the best possible way. I'm married to her now :D

Dana Dudu: Just proves that no matter how a woman look A man somewhere will find her very attractive. And women find men shallow huh. Seems to me more women are shallow than not.

MemeLord: The truth spoken by Superman!

Udit Raizada: Catalonia is not Spain

Gabe Katzman: I would LOVE to see more videos with Eric from Germany or Jake (right ? from Canada they're so cuuuteeee

Adam Nilsson: Watches the video*

Rsp 123: Not bad that girl with white dyed hair.

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Karen West: As a French, I just find our accent very very ridiculous. When I speak English I have the impression to be a small minded person. What do you like seriously in the French accent ? It is so incompatible with English language.

Zeineb Diallo: Can barely hear shit due to the song in the background lmao

Eric Sirias: Colombia was my favorite :)

Sisenceto: I prefer the European way of things.

Universe 0: DarkennedFlower but. Machismo how. Compared with other cultures.examples.we dont force our last-name on our wifes,there has never been arranged marriages in mexican history, Women participated as fighters in the mexican revolution , and even in the drug cartels a woman can climb ranks to be the boss .

Casadriss: Why did you play middle eastern sounding music during Bangladesh, Bangladesh s no where near the Middle East.

Movie Nerd: This shit is offensive.

Oca Do Xico: Omg blyad it is the bezd vidio i watched in my russian live syka

Paulo Br: Why not atleast girl from each continent :(

Faradrim: Being russian for a day could be cool loool

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Freeware Brazilian Portuguese and English language Made by: With a script that's over pages long, Cat President is a visual novel packed full of romance, humor and cute pictures of cats. You can play as Hina or Kenta and there are 14 endings in total. The end will be worth the sacrifice This is a high school dating sim.

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  • this is a sim date where you win hearts of ren'py characters! Eileen, Lucy & Sylvie !:)...
  • Renai archive renpy dating sim -
  • Download the Dating Sim Engine: Re: Dating Sim Engine (DSE) ! File "C:\ Users\Laura\In The Air\renpysdk\renpy\", line. Release Date:...
Renai archive renpy dating sim
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This forum is for example code you want to show other people. Then the game decides what events happen based on things you've already done, statistics, affection points, or things like that. This framework should make it easier for game writers to do that.

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Will give it a try myself!

We are now almost done with the Ren'Py tutorials and covering an important aspect of game making - putting in the final touches before releasing your game. Obfuscating images in Ren'Py is just basically archiving all the images into one file.

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Renai archive renpy dating sim

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An otome dating sim/stat raiser about love, revenge, and video games. .. Download the game directly from this link: See../Ren'Py Games/ for more games created using Ren'Py. . Nerr2Babe. Nerr2Babepng....