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For many modern single Muslims the answer lies online, with dating sites like EliteSingles. The appeal of online dating for marriage-minded singles is obvious: For many Muslim singles, this...

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Demise in Islam is the termination of worldly resilience and the beginning of afterlife. Death is seen as the separation of soul from body, and its transfer from that world to the afterlife. What happens after end is not clear. Islamic tradition discusses elaborately, wellnigh in graphic detail, as to what exactly happens before, during, and after the death. The angel of death Arabic: Malak al-Maut appears to the dying to take distant their souls. The sinners' souls are extracted in a most painful procedure while the righteous are treated easily.

After the burial, two angels — Munkar and Nakir — come to question the dead in order to test their faith. The righteous believers answer correctly and live in serenity and comfort while the sinners and disbelievers be unsuccessful and punishments ensue.

The time period or showbiz between death and the end of the macrocosm [3] is called the life of barzakh. Suicide , euthanasia , and unjust murder as means of death are all prohibited in Islam, and are considered major sins.

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Muslim man single

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