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Call to book an appointment during clinic hours. We have both male and female doctors working with us. If you have a preference, indicate this to our receptionist...

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You are appreciated to cause a cohort, partner or parent instead of any in support of participate in of your exam. We have both male and female doctors; male doctors have trained female assistants in the room midst exams.

You will contain privacy while you taunt undressed from the waist down. Compelling deep breathes and letting your knees flop broad apart can help lighten up on your muscles and take off the exam more carefree. The results of your exam and infection tests will be kept in your dossier. If you get approving done, we require you to opus a followup appointment to get your results.

We will not give visible test results over the phone. You will partake of time to ask the doctor questions if you would according to. You are always gratifying to periodical another place if you have additional questions.

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Present-day sexual health information and testing benefits all people. Go through free to ring up us to install up an post,. All things procreative health related. We are a non-profit organization that is also a registered charity. At Key Sexual Health, our job is to provide you the most current and relevant information, services, and products that help you gambler understand your fleshly and reproductive healthfulness needs and frame the best choices for your lustful wellness.

Image gratefully borrowed from rainbow health ontario. We provide referrals to our clients who require the services of specialized medical care such as gynecology, urology, physiotherapy, etc. All our services are private soldier, non-judgmental, and supportive; for everyone, all of the at the same time.

We provide services for people from these territories as well as those who are settlers and visitors on these lands. Rightful a heads up that we discovered today that our phone lines are experiencing technical issues which is resulting in […]. Our Quadra Street clinic Thanksgiving weekend hours: Closed Monday Oct 8:

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Medical sexual health questions

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We offer pro-choice and comprehensive sexual health clinics services of specialized medical care such as gynecology, urology, physiotherapy, etc. We also have a youth texting line for all of your sexual...