Ocosingo chiapas - Ex-Hacienda La Ilusion Hotel, Ocosingo, Mexico - Chiapas

Friendly hotel across the street from the main square. Rooms were immaculately clean.

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I'm planning on spending a hardly nights in Ocosingo on my way from San Cristobal to Palenque but haven't booked any accommodation. Is it easy to just rock up and turn up somewhere or is it recommendable to book ahead? The times I have stayed in Ocosingo , I just showed up. I was the only bodily staying at the hostel. I can't remember the name, but it's about a block from the main park and is run by a lady who has a young daughter. There's tons of plants out movement and a little balcony.

I've been in Mexico for closely 3 months now and am just giving my own impressions and experiences, and answering some of the questions I had.

Ocosingo Chiapas is a small city, which is the head town of a municipality of the name in the state of Chiapas , Mexico.

I've been in Mexico for nearly 3 months now and am just giving my own impressions and experiences, and answering some of the questions I had. We stayed here in December on night after Xmas, we had a reservation in San Cristobal but time was not on our side so we spent the night at the Hotel Central.

Retrieved 23 April Do stay at Central Hotel, in one of the 1st floor balcony rooms. Sombra del Agua Hotel San Cristobal.

Ocosingo is a city and its local municipality municipio of the same respect in the Mexican country of Chiapas. The metropolis borders the Usumacinta River along a portion where the river forms the international verge upon with Guatemala.

As of , the municipality had a come to population of ,, [1] up from , as of As of , the city of Ocosingo had a denizens of 41,, [1] up from 35, as of Other than the city of Ocosingo, the municipality had 1, localities, the largest of which with populations in parentheses were: Ocosingo was assumption city stature on 31 July Ocosingo rose to nationalist prominence throughout the Zapatista uprising of Event, the hamlet saw a handful days of intense fighting, leaving dozens of rebels, soldiers and civilians unfeeling.

From Wikipedia, the free of charge encyclopedia. Metropolis in Chiapas, Mexico. Retrieved 23 April Inn San Jose Ocosingo. Archived from the original on 17 June Retrieved 30 April

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Ocosingo chiapas

Ocosingo is not a very touristy city, but there are some interesting places nearby. This hotel is OK, rooms are spacious and beds are comfortable.

They have a swimming pool which helps to cope with the hot weather. I really wanted to recommend this hotel. The building is lovely. Charming decor and very clean. But - there is a bar somewhere nearby, that starts up with extremely loud music at night, and it goes on into the early morning hours. The room was very good and the food was fantastic! Our room overlooked the pool and offered us a beautiful territorial view of the surrounding countryside.

We loved sitting on the hotel balcony overlooking the square. Nearby Attractions See all 2 nearby attractions. Hotel San Jose Ocosingo. Response from Roy M Reviewed this property. Other than the city of Ocosingo, the municipality had 1, localities, the largest of which with populations in parentheses were: The most important feature though is that Ocosingo can be considered as a portal to the extensive and marvelous ecological reserves of the Lacandon Rainforest.

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  • Ocosingo is a city and its surrounding municipality (municipio) of the same...
  • Ocosingo Tourism: TripAdvisor has reviews of Ocosingo Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants Mexico · Southern Mexico · Chiapas;...
  • A respite from both the steamy lowland jungle and the chilly highlands, the bustling regional market...
  • Data about forest change, tenure, forest related employment and land use in Ocosingo, Chiapas, Mexico. Expedia Add-On Advantage: Book a...

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Ocosingo chiapas

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