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The use of herbal remedies had increased significantly in the last one decade in Nigeria. This has led to the production of herbal...

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Chlorhexidine chip and tetracycline fibers as adjunct to scaling and root planing - A clinical study. Persistent periodontitis results in a progressive loss of regard and formation of periodontal pocket. The process of periodontal pocket formation represents the pathologic sequela of microbial and inflammatory mediated degradation of collagenous connective tissue and alveolar bone [1].

Mechanical therapy may however fail to exterminate the pathogenic bacteria thanks to of their location within gingival tissues or in other areas inaccessible to periodontal instruments [2]. This place the use of a handful antimicrobial agents started gaining prominence as chemical aids would compensate for complex limitations and prevent break of dawn microbial recolonization, to in the long run ensure, the best happen for clinical improvements.

These chemical agents may collect access into the periodontal pocket through both a systemic and local convey of delivery. Since systemic use of antibiotics may cause several side effects sensitivity, resistant strains and superinfections , contemporary scrutiny is now focused on the role of timely antimicrobial agents in the treatment of periodontitis. Divers agents have been against to prevent further development of periodontal disease either as monotherapy or as an adjunct to scaling and root planing SRP procedure.

These include tetracycline, doxycycline, minocycline, chlorhexidine [3] , metronidazole [4] Exacting, enzymes and quaternary ammonium compounds, which have pass� administered topically in sterilized forms by their incorporation in chewing gums, dentifrices, acrylic strips, hollow fibers, films, ointments, gels etc. It is clear that for local antimicrobial psychoanalysis to be clinically gear, successful mechanisms to enfranchise sustained and adequate concentration of the active agency to the periodontal cluster are required [5].

Local antiseptics have been successfully used for treating plaque-related gingivitis, among which chlorhexidine CHX remains one of the most effective antimicrobials reported till now and is not known allowing for regarding any appreciable resistance to oral microorganisms. However, subgingival irrigation using CHX finding out or CHX gels turned out to be incompetently effective in the treatment of periodontitis, due to the inability to withhold biologically significant concentrations of the drug for enough lengths of time within the confines of the periodontal pocket.

However, it is difficult to aver the effective antibacterial concentrations, for a sufficient while in periodontal pockets because of a variety of conditions like poor penetration nearby mouth rinses, rapid debauchery of irrigation solutions, more low localized concentrations achievable with high systemic administer of antibiotics.

Hence, slow-release devices have been developed.


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Therefore, there should be longer intervals between the doses of antibiotics. Herbal medicine practitioners should be educated on the need to get appropriate concentration of the bioactive components in plants instead of using the whole infusion. The activity zones of inhibition and minimum inhibitory concentration MIC of the samples were determined by the agar-well diffusion and micro-dilution methods respectively against two typed strains of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria.

Antimicrobial resistance contributes to high cost of healthcare as patients using these counterfeit and substandard medicines do not respond to treatment and have to resort to higher doses and newer medicines.

There are also differences between the gut microbiota of formula-fed and breast-fed infants. Partalidou DA The global phenomenon of antimicrobial resistance. We therefore studied medicinal plants commonly used to treat bacterial infections in Cameroon, on selected common pathogenic bacteria to establish the type of effect produced and to identify plants with broad spectrum activity.

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June 02, ; Accepted Date: June 06, ; Published Date: The Rational Use of Antibiotics Medication. The abuse of antibiotics as well as the development of microbial resistance in them is a global phenomenon. The wilfully of this study is to highlight the rational use of antibiotics and limitation of microbial resistance.

Extensive review of the recent literature was conducted in electronic database Medline and via the link of the Greek Association of Academic Libraries HEAL-Link , using the following crucial words: The rational use of antibiotics is therefore it should not be random.

It depends upon reflection and thought and should be based on rules. The correct diagnosis, the patient's teach, the location of the infection, the severity of the microbial cause sensitivities to antibiotics, the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of antimicrobials, the side effects and charge are the main elements which must be supported in from time to time decision for their use.

Doctors and other professionals should impose antibiotics only when necessary, based on existing guidelines. The overuse of antibiotics as well as the development of resistance in microbes is a global exception. There are documented studies that support, beyond doubt, that restricting the misuse of antibiotics reduces resistance [ 2 ].

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Bacteriostatic vs bactericidal yahoo dating
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Bacteriostatic vs bactericidal yahoo dating

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To date, at least 4, antibiotics have been isolated from cultures of microbes and Basically, antibiotics are classified as bactericides that kill germs, or bacteriostatic, Patients with serious bacterial infections, the...