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I'm not apologising because i had to pause that so many times. You are a lonely loser who nobdy loves...

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SarahSmile: Could you please do more videos about East Asians ?

KATY TV: Moving to Canada from Ireland next year. Montreal or Toronto, which one I can't decide!

LiftedSeven: Dos minutos despues de cortar le cayo un negro del arbol y le pungueo todo lo que tenia

Pmafterdark: NExt time, find a french please, just please

Sushant Gote: After watching this, one should ask himself why dating a Danish woman? This clip dosn't do justice to Danish women, when I was visiting the country they were really friendly and well mannered. You want to describe them as independent and free women (and they are! but you make them appear just as unfriendly and impolite when sober, brave and self confident when drunk. It's a bit out of line.

Sereia Eia: The results are very unclear. Kthnxbai.

Charles: Oh, my. Alexandra is just so cute. Came for the language, stayed for the girl.

DemoiselleR: Guys see a ring,and avoid the women.except the PUA man whores.

Lukeisnotsexy askhole

Why Are Certain Personality Traits Often Seen As Attractive In Men But Not In Women?


TRUTH OR DARE 2!! - Hookup Finder

YouTuber Gets A REAL JOB (not ...

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Thanks so much to Chupa Chups for getting me involved in another amazing campaign, and for Check out Marmalade to get started on your driving journey: Nobody even loves you because you smell like poo and other poo and more poo and pooey chains. Joined 8 years ago This video could change your life

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  • Luke cutforth ❤ sexy emoji challenge ❤ w/ emma blackery lukeisnotsexy -
  • Something for the sake all your others self and family.

Naomi Cryan: Australian,Malaysian and Singaporean you guys ride kangaroos? don't all Aussies sound like Steve Irwin? how do you like najib? 1MDB,yay or nay? why are Malaysians so corrupted? why is Singapore so clean? is Singapore in China? never heard of Singapore?

Bac Ziko: How about Asian men ?it is fine ?

Ukri Argent: Men in Brazil cheat to prove their masculinity to their friends and women when they cheat is to get back at the men who did it to them or if they are not satisfied with their guy for not pleasuring them or treating them like they should. That's the real reason

Rebecca M: This was the best one. funny one! Great job!

Michi22: Whats the music at 03 ? I like it Can any one tell me the name of the song, please ?

JimboParadox: Actually, when it comes to drama, jealousy, and drama; my experience was with Filipnas She was the insecure, jealous, possessive but it's all good. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship and I don't care if her parents question me. Ill be more than glad to open up and be brutally honest about my life.

Talia Ersoy: There is a small channel called flying the nest and they go around different countries reviewing hotels, there videos get sponsored like that, I think that would be a great way for you to make more money. there channel is not as big as yours but they travel all over the world.

Malika Afifi: Nice ,you forgot that part where she takes you on a trip to conduct ethnic cleansing on palestinians though!

Corinna Rios: What about most faithful countries?

Laura Morgan: Greek woman can talk all day long and I can listen without understanding what a musical language.

Mina Kostova: Not being a douche, but a man which is what this entire video is about, really nothing else applies not only to Russian women, but especialy their neighbours and . you know . women in general.

Julia Lucas: True. But i prefere the old videos. you know you are dating.

Deepa Tiwari: I got Spanish, French, and Russian. Typical.

Tommy Jarvis: Harlembe died for our shakes

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I asked. No, she did not be deficient in that and said she was happy I was joyous to socialize with her again. I expected to have information ultimate of them but simply remembered Kristen.

Inside the apartment there was a nautical galley and living dwell, and soon after 2 disband bedrooms with their own en-suites.

I kind-heartedness it was a crumb spooky that they were hanging commission in the bathroom but when I went to counter, nonentity was there.

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  1. One point that ultimately proves that there are only two genders in my eyes is the difference between the male and the female brain.

  2. AIDS education will not get very far until young men are taught how not to rape young women. Naomi Wolf

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Lukeisnotsexy askhole

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