How to let yourself go sexually - My girlfriend can't relax and let go during sex

In it, I addressed the most common reasons why women find it difficult to completely let go and surrender. I also listed a few practices that...

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The reasons why women hold themselves back from receiving pleasure in their bodies and having orgasm are common and widespread. When your puppy-mind runs everywhere, jumps, licks, and sniffs, you let it.

If you can't name your parts and have no idea what gives you pleasure, how can you ask for it? Your puppy-mind might go venturing again in a split of a second. I was 14 and eager to please.


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Why would she send me a story about her ex?

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Feeling like a dominatrix? Others use sensations in their body. Will they think your stupid? Or perhaps practicing sex in a way that is not fully enjoyable or pleasurable. Everyone is different - never let self-doubt make you think otherwise!

The payouts are furthermore merit discussing.

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  1. Robot will not replace relationships, it will just be good practice and short term pleasure when you are really in the need.

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