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We are dedicated to making your experience with EasyRoommate as successful and as secure as possible. It was quite simple, she answered an ad for a room I had in Calgary, Alberta, and then said she was sending a deposit.

Click on the category that corresponds to your profile to learn more. That alone is the best benefit of all! The check is then written for a large sum and the Scammer who sent it asks that the balance is sent back minus the rent and deposit. It is difficult to find a roommate nowadays, but thanks to all these great tips and the great websites, it is easier to find one.

Strangers can become very unreliable.

PUA how effective is it?

When living with a roommate, you may feel safer than living alone. December 15, at 6: You send the money. We are dedicated to making your experience with EasyRoommate as successful and as secure as possible. Please send me a mail and let me know your offer, I don't smoke, I drink occasionally and I'm neat. It is ideal for websites with a young, professional or student audience, but also very effective with Landlords. The scam is this:


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That alone is the best benefit of all! A check arrived about the same time she told me her Mum had died and that the agent that sent the check had made a mistake and sent me all her money instead of the deposit and could I please send the balance to her so she could pay for the funeral and her plane ticket. Never send any money through Western Union, or any other third party money tranfer services. I have a room for rent I am looking for a room You have a room for rent.

September 25, at 3: November 12, at 2:

We are dedicated to making your experience with EasyRoommate as successful and as secure as possible.
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Easy roommate finder

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Easy roommate finder

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