Homosexuality and christianity today ed - History of Christianity and homosexuality

It is a surprise to many people to discover that there are only a handful of passages in the Bible that...

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Within Christianity , there are a variety of views on sexual orientation and homosexuality. The many Christian denominations vary in their position, from condemning homosexual acts as sinful , through being divided on the issue, to seeing it as morally acceptable. Even within a denomination, individuals and groups may hold different views.

Further, not all members of a denomination necessarily support their church's views on homosexuality. Historically, from the earliest days, Christians have taught that same-sex acts are contrary to Biblical teaching: Tertullian — c. This article focuses on the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, covering how the extent to which the Bible mentions the subject, whether or not it is condemned, and whether the various passages apply today, have become contentious topics.

Debate has arisen over the proper interpretation of the Levitical code; the story of Sodom and Gomorrah ; and various Pauline passages, and whether these verses condemn same-sex sexual activities.

The Catholic Church views as sinful any sexual act not related to procreation by couple joined under the Sacrament of Matrimony. The Eastern Orthodox churches, [16] like the Catholic Church, condemns only homosexual acts. All Orthodox Church jurisdictions, such as the Orthodox Church in America , have taken the approach of welcoming people with "homosexual feelings and emotions," while encouraging them to work towards "overcoming its harmful effects in their lives," and not allowing the sacraments to people who seek to justify homosexual activity.

Certain other Christian denominations do not view monogamous same-sex relationships as sinful or immoral, and may bless such unions and consider them marriages. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland also allows prayer for same-sex couples.

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Throughout church history wonderful theological clarity has come out of divisive theological controversy. Just a few names and times of conflict remind us of this:

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Christian leaders have written about homosexual male-male sexual activities since the first decades of Christianity ; female-female...


Homosexuality and christianity today ed

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Christian leaders have written about homosexual male-male sexual activities since the first Prior to the rise of Christianity, certain sexual practices that people today call "homosexual" had existed .. Ed. Wayne Dynes & Stephen...