Dr llaila afrika homosexuality in japan - Meet America’s first openly gay imam

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Dr llaila afrika homosexuality in japan


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Most doctors are afraid to make that statement due to their fear of licensing and regulatory agencies across the planet.

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But Imam Daayiee Abdullah — believed to be the only openly gay imam in the Americas — is proud of his story. He was born and raised in Detroit, where his parents were Southern Baptists. At age 15, he came out to them. At 33, while studying in China, Abdullah converted to Islam, and went on to study the belief in Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

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Dr llaila afrika homosexuality in japan

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Homosexual Epidemic: Cause and Cure by Dr. Llaila Afrika In My Nature Cafe, Atlanta christoph-gruhn.info Playlist: Afrikan. The Detoxification Of Homosexuality ~ Dr Llaila Afrika. Standin Tall. Loading Unsubscribe...