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Tamashare simplifies collaboration by placing interactivity at the heart of your teams in person and at a distance. Digitalize all the tools of a real...

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Eighteenth and nineteenth centuries The focus in this area of the collection is prints made after drawings and watercolours that record the eighteenth and first nineteenth century voyages of exploration in the Pacific and those that memorial first settlement in New Zealand.

These include prints after paintings by artists such as Sidney Parkinson, Louis de Sainson, George French Angas, and Charles Decimus Barraud, and appear as both individual prints and in bound volumes.

There are further collections of undertaking by artists whose work is pre-eminently graphic. See all prints in Te Papa's collection.

Tama Object Part of Art collection. That image has All Rights Reserved. Filler details Name Tama. Production Gordon Walters; artist; ; Different Zealand.

Classification prints, screen prints, works on paper. Significant Summary screen writing. Credit line Capability of Stephen Lachman, Overview Eighteenth and nineteenth centuries The focus in this area of the collection is prints made after drawings and watercolours that record the eighteenth and initial nineteenth century voyages of exploration in the Pacific and those that first settlement in New Zealand.

Look into more information Kind Made of ink paper. Type of prints screen prints works on rag.

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