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He tells u baby am sorry. It won't happen again.

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Zarina Stern: Yes that was french but that was'nt french accent !

Zeyu Chen: Wow. So far, I'm just like this girl, and I'm not even Colombian! I'm clingy and get protective and I want to take care of you!

Justine Mango: Not pure castilian urgh

Tibor Uray: Crazy conservative nature its funny

Sailom Ch: Best moment of whole channel. 31

Yella So-Hyun: Portuguese and Italians and Spaniards are literally sharing the same passion like the Hispanics with their woman!

Karo A.: I'm half spanish and half peruvian. so in Peru the guy pays unless he's from a small town (idk how to say it). And in Spain they split the bild and if you as a girl say i'll pay they'll go ok

Chun Wei Hsu: Lille, my birthplace.

Donaastor: Well vegans are looked down upon in Greece, but then again, where aren't they?

SugarPill: I'm about 90 sure that guy would be more interested in the *ahem men from Brazil in real life.

List of hookup sites on facebook

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Marlene Reyes: Spain is not in Latin America.

Jewels77: Most. He asked for only her phone number and email, I wouldn't belive

Fuckgirl M: What am im gunna do with dis information

Adonis Guy: She seems like a right shithead

Anna Hec: Don't give them a reason to look down on you hahaha

Allison DeFoe: I love german men since I'm 13, after this vid I love them even more :D They are good-looking, have sexy accent (yeah german language is great, especially the pronounciation and I've learnt it), I like their mentality, their hate towards small-talk, reserve and honesty.

Miguelsos: So now, i don't wanna ever to date a french woman. Thanks

Magool Hasan: Pero llevaron al chileno mas caca po wn. Con un cuma poblacional de la legua les creo

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List of hookup sites on facebook

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Where was the love on Valentine's Day? We break down the top dating sites to see who was the best at wooing on social this February. Zoosk...