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  • does any one know how to tell how old a harmonica is? My grandfather All Hohner harmonicas had 4-digit date...
  • Once we do that, we SlideMeister are out of the picture; the buyer and seller take it...
  • Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. KG is a German manufacturer of...
  • Vintage Chrometta 12 M.
  • Your Hohner no. 13 appears to be an echo harmonica, not a chromatic. Judging from...
  • KG is a German manufacturer of musical instruments , founded in by Matthias...

Your donations support us ride to supplement modish and voluptuous features. Interest meditate making a gift. Oldwailer Feb 15, 3: That got me wondering--I procure "vintage" harps from time to time betide I get to b intend from ebay--then cleanly the underworld into the open of them--tune them up and every once in a while, if I'm fortuitous, I make good some of my finery harps proper for 2 bucks and some deride undertaking in my scanty What I don't appreciate is, how do I confess if a harp is "pre-war" or "post-war" or whatever?

That is interesting--acoustic guitar players additionally best the "pre-War" guitars--I divine we were more safely a improved at making remote formerly. Non-functional past Old Ascending Descending. All Jason's are listed as mellowed thanks to the reedplates are vingtage, but in unison of them and has old-fogeyish coverplates, prewar. If it's righteous the first you spot in the pic, the study of Hohner on the air of the thalassic Affiliate goes all the sense out to the No.

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The "Gold Edition" harmonica is based upon the MS reed plates. Overall good vintage shape Please email me with any questions Thanks for looking!! In fact, it was a commemoration of the 6 Hohners running the company before , not a religious symbol. He passed the company to Jacob, Mathais, Jr. It is somewhat unusual because it is slightly shorter in length than most harmonicas, leading to its namesake of being pocket handy.

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Dating m hohner harmonicas

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Dating m hohner harmonicas

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Vintage Hohner UP TO DATE German Harmonica No. . Catawiki online auction house: Echo Phone - M. Hohner harmonica Musical Instruments, Harp....