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Each question has a detailed and comprehensive answer that highlights not only the correct response, but also the reasoning behind the incorrect responses, allowing you to highlight any gaps or...

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If you are, it may be blocking your access to https: It is the most comprehensive and effective package for studying for the NIE, providing the complete syllabus and practical exercises and multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge.

When can I purchase a subscription? Can Democracy Survive Global Ca Crime Blackstone's Police Manual Volume 2: Highlight search term Print Share.

Articulation included to Russia. Paul Connor author Paperback 23 Nov Received standard. Includes delivery to Russia. Each question has a detailed and comprehensive answer that highlights not only the correct response, but also the reasoning behind the incorrect responses, allowing you to highlight any gaps or weaknesses in your knowledge. Full cross-references to the relevant Manual paragraphs and Keynotes encourage more powerful studying, while a question checklist helps you track your course.

The introductory chapters also hold back a useful section on how to study for the NIE, including advice on how to approach multiple-choice questions, practical exam techniques, and a week revamping plan. Fully updated for the syllabus, including coverage of proper new legislation, the Policing and Crime Act , including changes to pre-charge bail and cue revisions to the PACE Codes, new legislation under the Psychoactive Substances Act and the Investigatory Powers Act , and expressive case law decisions.

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Blackstones investigators q&a online dating
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How many questions are there for each topic? What are the technical requirements for using this website? I have a subscription but there is still time left after the final exam. Use our automated reminder system here.

Available as part of: Who do I contact if I have any queries? Based on the bestselling Blackstone's Police Manuals, Blackstone's Police Investigators' Manual provides all the legal information which is relevant to your role as a trainee investigator and is applicable to all NIE exams taken in


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Blackstone's Police Products Online: A Short Guide - Local Dating

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