Is it tacky to wear white to a wedding - (Closed) Guests wearing white to your wedding?

I had several guests wear white to our wedding. Anyway, there was an engaged gal now wife of Mr. Even my foreign...

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Is it tacky to wear white to a wedding

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  • Is it still taboo for a guest to wear white to a wedding? Eight wedding planners...
  • Traditionally, wearing white to someone else's wedding would be a huge no no, but not all...
  • Popular variations include, "Can I wear this floral dress with a white background to the wedding?"...
  • If you're tempted to wear a white dress to someone's wedding, don't do...
  • Guests wearing white to your wedding?
  • Even outdoors making a drop, up to date players can net gigantic true midst these 10 untied...

  • Yeah — I think it's really tacky to wear white to a wedding. I...


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February I had no idea this was an etiquette flaw until I came on these boards! April Honestly — I would feel more embarrased for, rather than mad at, the person wearing white. Find support, ask questions, swap stories, and follow brides planning real weddings here on Weddingbee.

I've also seen couples have their wedding party wear white. The first dress she picked made me laugh out loud! We asked eight wedding planners from all different parts of the country to give us their most unbiased and unfiltered advice. By not wearing white, you won't end up the topic of conversation among other curious guests and, most importantly, your wardrobe choice won't detract from the bride who deserves to be honored on her wedding day as the leading lady in white.

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