Invalidating query cache entries mysql workbench - MySQL Replication Troubleshooting Q and A

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For circular replication, ensure that each of the masters in the chain can handle the increasing number of writes as they replicate down the chain, and do not lead to permanently increasing slave lags.

I have checked around and i can see its a known old bug in MySQL https: From the bug reports, it seems to make a difference Sign up using Facebook. Hello guys, I need you, I have one problem and don't know to solve.

Thank you very much for answering przemek and help me figure out the problem, my based replication is MIXED.

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  • MySQL replication - invalidating query cache entries (table) - Server Fault
  • my replication slave server( communication edition) has delayed i checked processlist, there was...
  • Query cache entries are being marked invalid because the underlying tables have...
  • I think you should try to disable query cache in and restart the server to see...
  • Sometimes the replication lag keeps increasing while the slave was doing “ invalidating query cache...

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For a multi-master setup you should ensure that the slave has enough resources to process all requests. Since then the replication process lags a lot behind the master with the line in the process list of: Add following to configuration, since disabling dynamically may not have exactly the same effect.

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Dependance upon proprietary databases has changed. What other parameters could boost slave IO?

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