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Jack Xerox: My favorite german woman is Katja Kassin.

Sorenkhanizio: Finally a real Mexico accent, everybody thinks that we talk like freaking chicanos or a spanish with a very strong accent. Listen to the girl from this video, that's the most accurate accent that most Mexicans speak.

Marie Loou: Elina is adorable :)

Mermaid Meaw: So russian women suck, they cant even enter a car. good to know ;)

Uli-ssi: Do trinidadian woman! Or women from the caribbean

Mafe Vega: I'm from China and people ask me how dogs tast like

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La Bujra: Red flags: when food is falling off his mouth (messy eater), when he smells bad, dirty unwashed clothes, dirty hair, dirty fingernails, asks me to pay or being cheap, talks about his ex (nobody wants to hear it), talks about something negative or focuses on negative things around or in the world (stay away from negative people), talks about something inappropriate or makes sexist, racist jokes.

Takealready: Japan's population is declining because of omega males like this guy. The country needs more samurai and less emasculated otakus.

Tayna Weher: Sounds like really nice women but I'm not really assertive. Very nice but not dominating at all.

Joanna D: Anglo-America do not dare to use the term north America without any one of the three countries

Zelle Kate: Quante cazzate in un solo video.hahahhaha

Curt Hayes: Hahahaha the south American guy was too flirty just like lots of latinos lol, and my most favorite one the russian hahaha

Flippyboy: What is that coffee thing ? I Dont get it

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Alisha Afsan: Why a monkey?

Emily Kavita: People don't understand that just because your Mexican you kinda have a usually tan tone skin that white guy is as white as canelo.alvarez and hes1 percent MEXICAN. it just depends what part of Mexico your from .

BERTIL SCALI: I loved Croatian the most

Azad Hind: Goa is the party capital of india.

Laura Ferrell: Wait what? I love the stereotype about hygiene because it's true! But taking 3 to 4 showers/day means you all have so much free time!

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Maria Muller: No Italy, no party.


Edwin Aybar: Oh my god this is what i need

Mchristina75: Correction: it's Filipina, not Filipino.

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Puffy nipples thumbs

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Puffy Nipples photos and videos. Busty brunette with puffy nipples takes off her striped socks 20 pictures . Casting pics of a freckled teen...