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These early pieces had back stamp markings consisting of the traditional Japanese "Kanji" characters for "Nippon" the Japanese name for Japan , as well as the word "Nippon" spelled...

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Nippon vase dating

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In addition to the Nippon mark, pieces made for the U. These early pieces had back stamp markings consisting of the traditional Japanese "Kanji" characters for "Nippon" the Japanese name for Japan , as well as the word "Nippon" spelled out in English. Keely Brown has been a feature writer, arts critic, columnist and business writer since How to Identify Stamping on European Antiques. Identifying Royal Bavarian China.

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Check for telltale signs that the piece may be a reproduction. Warning If it's necessary to clean the piece in order to see the mark more clearly, a mild soap and water solution is most advisable and should get rid of any surface grime without damaging the surface.

How to Identify Japanese Stamps. Because Nippon-stamped china is highly collectible, companies are reproducing vintage Nippon patterns with the Nippon back stamp. How to Identify Imari Porcelain. These early pieces had back stamp markings consisting of the traditional Japanese "Kanji" characters for "Nippon" the Japanese name for Japan , as well as the word "Nippon" spelled out in English.

In addition, many antique dealers and museum curators now specialize in Nippon-marked china, and they can provide help in dating vintage Nippon pieces.


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Nippon vase dating

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We get a lot of questions about Nippon backstamps and dates of manufacture. antique Nippon porcelain, and she has compiled known dates for...