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BoricuaPopa38: I remember that Julien Blanc said it looks different (the pick up by the culture but it's the same (the pulling), he was right. Nature is nature.

An Ostrich: Oh boy, this is awful.

Luis Jimenez: Are Italian women really like this? the woman in the video seems very bossy. I am not like that and I cant cook. I am Italian too but I come from the north maybe this is the reason why I am different? I showed the video to my polish boyfriend and he agreed, women from my region (north east Italy are not like that.

SandraMaria: It's just like almost all Russians hate Moscow, French people hate Paris)))

Sham KM: From the behalf of the men's side, Dear Russian women, we're sorry :(

AFanOfCinema: Could you make an episode of you know you are dating a CHILEAN man when. ? I am very interested in that.

Dylan Graff: I thought Im a introvert who suck at social skills. Turns out spiritually Im a german. XD

Kamin HH: As a Greek, can I tell you which languages sound to me extremely bad? Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese Not Portugese, though, only the Brazilian accent as it seems extremely annoy me )

Feli Д°zgin: Lmao can we kiss now xD tf

Meehzinho: Whats that song at the end

Foxxy18: I am colombian and that's depends of the place in Colombia 'cause we are si different from north to south.

Scotty Boy: The beginning is like the Scene from the movie Carline,just me?

Hakima Kara: YKYD Australian Woman please

Sammy Hh: I married a mexican! She's of 14! Holy crap. She's lucky 13, is it weird that her mom likes me more than her?


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Defence of Hindu Society. Surge el culteranismo y el conceptismo. Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. Broad, Religion, Philosophy and Psychical Research , , — The Deities are Many. Retrieved June 8,

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  • politeísta | Definition of politeísta in Spanish by Oxford Dictionaries

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Politeismo definicion yahoo dating

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