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Here are 15 signs that your ex is probably still in love with you. So when you and your significant other broke things off, you remained friends...

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9 Things You’ll Realize When You Date Your Ex Again | Thought Catalog

There is nothing like a good meme to help you get over a breakup. The following memes speak straight from the heart and are dedicated to the consequences and feelings attached to breaking up with your boyfriend. Whether you are doing the dumping or getting dumped yourself, these memes tell it like it is! Nothing is off-limits, including throwing shade at exes and their new partners, the differences between breaking up with a something and with a something and the inevitable post-split evolution you always go through.

Here are 15 memes about breakups that are accurate AF. Some are hilarious and some are heartbreaking, but the best ones will give you a totally new way of looking at your sucky situation. We hope you can see the humor too.

  • Breaking up is hard to do.
  • Everyone's got at least one ex that you still can't believe...
  • Accept the fact that pain changes people to make them...
  • Having a bad day?
  • I'm so grateful I never heard from him again. We met through...
  • Why was the President killed and who would thirst for to do it.

Tommy Payne: Just think about how many people in our free world don't have that.

Eric Woods: Do American women :))

SMAH SMA: As a Danish girl I relate to this. But i would never have sex with someone that I don't have a relationship with.

Idkduarte: He only have a poor 3 inches

Juliajaly: Yeah, Toronto is such melting pot eh? So accepting. So can you please take in a couple million brothas from Detroit and South Chicago? They totally dig canuck babes. We'll pay the bus fare. :)

Hans Loggan: What's the name of the tune that plays in the beginning? I heard it on the radio today and can't get it out of my head!

Conner Barnes: You know what I think im just making Canadian women sound worse.

Savage16: Jaysus, I hope the rest of your video's aren't so understated they're useless.

Anas Shiran: Alana from Australia says she likes to pay because she feels she owes the man something if he pays. Yet in another video, she admits to being a commitment phobe, which can be taken as someone who gets around, so to speak. Hmmmm.

Patryk K.: He says I'm from Germany?

Vitor77193: Umm so where is Lithuania?

Hakken NR: Aw yeah, Mexican women really are alot of work but definitely worth it.

Hello There: Day I tried to hold her phone and she quickly collected it. Since then I

LinusKarlen98: This whole channel stereotypes women of various ethnicities.

Are these things that 'friends' would do?


Dating Your Ex - 5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself! - Hookup

Girl asks to be taken out on "proper" date?

I just got deep, people. You already see the difference between jokes and half meant jokes. This is the sign of a true hypocrite. It's a confusing place to be when it's been a while and your ex was the last one you slept with. Sure, you can block them on Facebook and Snapchat, but that won't stop them from popping up on the very last online platform you'd want to see them.

A fresh take on sports: Though Monica was happy she reached out, she says it's probably better to just acknowledge that you saw them and try not to overthink it, "It's like having to pretend you're strangers but knowing you're not.

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  1. This is an excellent, very thoughtful video, and the word courageous should not be left out. Thank you Laci.

  2. Laci is. Amazing lol her personality make her freaking super sexy lol. Can we make babies laci I asked lmao jk

  3. More than half of the people commenting make me thank fuck that I'm overweight and that shit takes effort

  4. Men always want, no they don't, maybe you just hang around the wrong crowd.

  5. I'm sure she is still sitting in that same spot, bitching and crying about the election.

  6. my mom just said sex ed was the responsibility of teachers, I'm glad I didn't get sex ed from american schools :/

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